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General Operations Procedures

Kennedy Enterprises LLC shall:

  • Scrutinize 1005 of the petitions collected, before delivering them to you.

  • Validate as many of the signatures as agreed upon, utilizing an up-to-date data base of registered voters supplied by each areas appropriate governmental agency.
  • Deliver petitions quickly and on a regular basis to allow your committe to have an accurate, up-to-date status on the campaign.
  • Be directly overseen by the owner (Dan Kennedy) to assre precision during the entire campaign.
  • Be flexible to the needs of the committee and make adjustments quickly as circumstances change, and stop production within a 72 hour notice.
  • Not overextend, bt concentrate its efforts on your campaign and finish what we start.
  • Not raise the price after commencing operation or have hidden fees (in other words, we treat our clients like we want to be treated).
  • Utilize its 20 years of experience by offering as much consultation as requested, in all aspects of the campaign, for the duration of the signature drive(s) at no additional cost.
  • The proposed fee includes all overhead/aspects of the signature collection process including, travel/lodging, notarization (where needed), validation of signatures and weekly delivery. The only items that are not included are the printing of the petitions and the oveter data list (this is so your legal team is sure you have the correct forms and information).