Who We Are:

Kennedy Enterprises, LLC is a marketing and consulting firm that has a proven methodology that gets results. Kennedy Enterprises, LLC holds its high standard of integrity and confidentiality very dear. In the more than 20 years we have been in business, we have never failed a contract. While most of our activity has been in the area of ballot access, we have provided person-to-person contact in a number of ways including:

· Polls

· Distributing Literature and Flyers at Events

· Door-to-Door

Kennedy Enterprises is committed to excellence and has fulfilled each and every contract since its inception in 1992. We have never failed. We carefully consider each year’s schedule and will not take on more that we can handle in order to give each campaign our absolute best effort.

How To Get Started:

We would love to explain to you thoroughly how we consistently and successfully accomplish multiple methods of person-to-person contact. However, due to the knowledge/idea nature of this industry that is highly customized to your specific campaign, we have limited information on this website. You may contact our office directly today at (719) 522-1101 or email the president at dan@kennedyenterprises.us for further information.