Ballot Access

Ballot Access Services

Kennedy Enterprises is committed to excellense and has fulfilled each and every contract to its full completion since our inception in 1992. We carefully consider each year’s schedule and will never take on more than we can handle in order to give each campaign our absolute best effort.

What We Do

Kennedy Enterprises will work diligently to get people to sign your petition. Here are the specific services we provide to ensure the success of your campaign:

· Review all signatures collected by each circulator making a good faith effort to determine their validity
· Provide weekly delivery of signatures and written reports on progress towards qualifying your inniative
· Validation of each batch of signatures, utilizing at least a 10% random sampling
· We guarantee that your negotiated contract rate will never increase for the duration of your campaign

We are committed to acquiring the desired results. And you can be confident in the value you get for our services as you only pay for the actual production.

How To Get Started

We would love to explain to you thoroughly how we consistently and successfully accomplish what we do. However, due to the knowledge/idea nature of this industry that is highly customized to your specific campaign, we have limited information on this website. You may contact Dan Kennedy, the president of Kennedy Enterprises today at (719) 522-1101 or for further information.