Marketing Services

Kennedy Enterprises will coordinate several individuals or an “army of people” to be out in the field, working directly with the public to efficiently and effectively present your message/product at retail locations, trade shows, sporting events, concerts, festivals – basically any venue where positive representation is desired.

What We Do

Kennedy Enterprises will work diligently to assure desired action, using a variety of mechanisms such as:

· Surveys
· Polling
· Collection of lead contact information
· Information Distribution

We specialize in coordinating venues and people to promote your product or service affordably and effectively. This is done using “good old fashion,” time-proven person to person contact.

We are committed to getting the results you desire quickly and efficiently. And you can be confident of the value you get for our services because we work closely with you to ensure consistent, accurate representation.

How To Get Started

We would love to explain to you thoroughly how we consistently and successfully accomplish what we do. However, due to the knowledge/idea nature of this industry that is highly customized to your specific marketing effort, we have limited information on this website. You may contact Dan Kennedy, the president of Kennedy Enterprises today at (719) 522-1101 or for further information.